What is cyclone ripple therapy?

This ripple therapy is achieved using a mechanical vibration, known as cycloid vibration. Cycloid vibration has been successfully used for more than 60 years, and is the subject of conclusive medical research studies by universities and teaching hospitals worldwide.
In the 1940’s a young Irish minor called Owen Murphy, noticed that his colleagues would lean against a vibrating coal grating machine to relieve their back pain, while working in the mines near Niagara Falls, Canada. In 1949 he patented a therapeutic cycloid vibration device that recreated the beneficial movement on a smaller scale for clinical use. Now It is used by many clinics and hospitals through the world.

How it works:

Cyclone ripple therapy Vibrations produce a multi-directional, non-percussive action, which increases blood and lymphatic circulation by stimulating deep muscle activity. It is a non-invasive action allowing muscles to relax and circulation to be improved without aggravating any skeletal or joint problems.

The Benefits:

Cyclone ripple therapy can help to alleviate the secondary symptoms with conditions below:

Upper & lower back conditions
Poor Sleep
Sports injuries Poor circulation
Raised blood pressure
Headache & migraine
Joint Stiffness
Breathing problems
Muscle Spasm
Neck & shoulder pain
Stress & anxiety
ME or Fibromyalgia
MS or MD
Poor mobility

This cyclone ripple therapy massage is so good, that it will ease your muscle spasm, stimulate circulation, sooth away the stiffness, improve movement and accelerate healing time of many injuries.


Most of our clients believe that quality of life is more important than life itself. This ripple therapy massage not only gives you 100% relaxation but also rejuvenates your movement, revitalises your mind, and most important of all, re charges your whole body.


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