Bioresonance Therapy for Cancer and Tumours

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We are not making any claims about the effectiveness of Bioresonace therapy for cancer and tumours. Listed here are only examples of patients that have found it a useful addition to conventional therapy.

There are also examples of supportive treatment with bioresonance in cancer treatment. It can be used to accompany other treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Here programs are used for Bioresonace therapy for cancer and tumours using pre and post-operative treatment, elimination of scar interference, removal of radiation contamination and to detoxify and stabilise the immune system. Test and therapy ampoules are also used which, amongst other things, contain information from human tissue as well is from the surrounding healthy tissue. The aim is to encourage “apoptosis” , but controlled death of the tumour cells and to improve the functioning of healthy tissue. Through this treatments the side-effects of aggressive therapies can be reduced and the patients quality of life improved. No studies are available yet on the effect of by residents over the course of cancer however countless observations made of individual cases but reason to hope.

Hopes rise for new cancer treatment after tests with electromagnetism - The Guardian

Early trials on patients with advanced liver cancer show low-level fields could shrink tumours. Scientists have used low-intensity electromagnetic fields to treat cancer patients in trials which they say could lead to the development of a new type of anti-tumour therapy. It could be that in the future Bioresonace therapy for cancer and tumours be is the preferred choice of doctors worldwide.

The use of electromagnetic fields was also welcomed, cautiously, by Eleanor Barrie of Cancer Research UK: "This research shows how specific low frequencies of electromagnetic radiation can slow the growth of cancer cells in the lab. It's still unclear why the cancer cells respond in this way, and it's not yet clear if this approach could help patients, but it's an interesting example of how researchers are working to find new ways to home in on cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed."

The use of electromagnetic fields to treat tumours may seem surprising given recent controversy over claims that fields generated by mobile phones and electricity pylons can trigger cancers and leukaemia. However, Pasche stressed that the intensity of the fields used in his team's experiments were between 100 and 1,000 times lower than those from a mobile phone. "In any case, the evidence produced from major studies of users of these phones does not suggest there is a clearly identifiable risk posed by these electromagnetic fields," he said. In addition to the above doctors are aware that other stresses may trigger cancer, the following looks at these.

Possible Cancer Triggers

In the 1920’s a US scientist and inventor Raymond Rife developed a microscope that allowed him to observe bacteria. Electron microscopes kill the specimens. He discovered that bacteria could change its form and become cancer causing viruses. When this virus was injected into rats tumours began to appear. The virus became known as Cryptocides Primordiales.

Rife then began to beam various light frequencies at the viruses and found that they appeared to disintegrate in the display of his microscope. When applied to the rats their tumours disappeared too. Human trials began under supervision of a university and medical doctor with confirmed success rates of over 90%. Unfortunately this research was covered up and the FDA still do not approve of treating patients with methods similar to Rife.

Integrated medicine practitioners that use these light frequencies on this virus have had similar success but there is no silver bullet for cancer and other doctors have found other pathogens that they were convinced caused cancer. It is still important to look for and treat this virus for those looking to remove stress on the body and possible causes of cancer.

Dr Hulda Clark was another American doctor who found herself on the wrong side of the medical industry when she said in a number of her books that she had found the cure for cancer. Websites based on her research explain that a human liver fluke called Fasciolopsis buski work with other toxins to cause of all malignancies.

Patients that have been prescribed herbal parasite cleanses or had bioresonance have sometimes noticed these in their toilet bowl following treatment and especially after a liver flush. Liver flushes uses Epsom salts, olive oil and citrus juice which when taken in a certain way which relaxes and squeezes the bile ducts which produces a flood of bile which can push out stones and parasites with them. Removing these stressors to the body is an essential part of restoring health to the patient.

Dr Tullio Simoncini from Italy is an Oncologist who is convinced that Candida is actually cancer and has injected 1000’s of patients with bicarbonate of soda directly on the tumours. This causes them to disintegrate, the success of his treatments have been observed for over 20 years and still being used today.

Because the Cancer Act will not permit non-oncologists to treat cancer many have avoided even repeating the above controversial forms of treatment. However it is possible to be treated for Candida, viruses and parasites easily and without harming the body, in fact it’s an important start to restore health for most known conditions. When these and other health regimes are mentioned some have discovered that the body begins to heal itself.

Conventional medicine usually does not look for these factors and actually promotes diets during chemotherapy that can encourage the growth of Candida. Why not try Bioresonace therapy for cancer and tumours as a complement to existing treatment? A good bioresonance therapist can find these stressors and help the body eliminate them.