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Therapy for Asthma

Asthma is a variable and reversible or obstruction of the respiratory tract as a consequence of inflammation and hyper-reaction of the respiratory tract. This brief description describes asthma but does not explain anything about its underlying causes and triggers. It is understood that at the onset of the disease each asthma patient have one, several, or multiple allergies. They were the foundation that preceded all further pathological processes. To a certain extent the bronchioles learn from the reaction to an allergen the processes leading to obstruction. They become increasingly hypersensitive. Eventually, highly varied influences may prompt similar reactions even though no allergen is present. These influences are primarily viral infections and physical exertion. Also included are mental stress and mechanical or chemical irritation such as dust, air pollutants, and chemical vapours.


Physicians and patients have a very difficult time recognising asthma for what it is. If a manifest bronchial hyper-reactivity has imposed itself onto the allergic situation, successful treatment of the allergy does not simultaneously eliminate the asthma symptoms. Complete and long-term healing of chronic bronchial asthma, characterised by hyper-reactive bronchials, therefore presupposes treatment of the allergies as well as the subsequent inflammatory symptomatology in the bronchials. Treating only one of them would definitely be insufficient.

Bioresonance therapy has proven very effective in treating asthma patients. In an acute condition, its effects provide noticeable relief and antispasmodic easement. In the interim, between attacks, it releases toxins and harmonises. Using the BICOM device for a basic therapy, its selection dependent on the individual case, it is recommended to always add a second treatment. One the one hand, as pure allergy therapy tool free the patient from all allergic stressors, those creating the condition for the eventual healing of their asthma. On the other hand, as therapy using the patient's own oscillations, which aims at relief, detoxification, and classification of over reactions.