Arterial Stiffening

Arterial Stiffening

Your Arteries can be 40 years older than your Chronological age. If you are suffering from stress or anxiety, it could be causing your arteries to narrow and stiffen. This process is called Atherosclerosis It will cause 1 in 3 of us to suffer stroke or heart attack and restrict the oxygen supply to our skin. You can have a quick and pain free testing using a medical device tried and tested by hospitals. Let us help show you how to improve your arterial health.

Probably the most important test of your life.

Last Year nearly 191000 people in the UK died of strokes and heart Failure.
Do not wait until it happens to you.
Reduce this risk now before it’s too late.
Your life is in your hands...

The Benefits:
  • Reduce level of stiffness of your arteries.
  • Reduce risk of heart attack.
  • Reduce risk of stroke.
  • Increase level of oxygen to your skin to prevent wrinkles.
  • Reduce plaque and increase blood flow.
  • Ideal test for healthy lifestyle.
  • Very quick and inexpensive.
  The Fine Print:
  • Results available on hard copy or soft copy.
  • Recommendations are a necessity.
  • Your choice in prevention or cure.
  • Return tests are necessary subject to recommendation.
  • Recommended precautionary measures important for healthy arteries

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